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Corporate Wellness Services

Are you, your company or organization really ready for the next decade?


Health Care is undergoing radical change. The work force in the United States is slowly but surely aging. The influx of Millennials combined with the needs of Baby Boomers can place a huge stress on company resources and insurance utilization.

Do you have the tools and experience in place to promote healthy patterns while controlling insurance premiums?

Does your Wellness program show a real ROI?

We can show you how many companies are now showing massive returns on investment from their Health and Wellness programs. Redkore Fitness implements the following programs and services in a variety of settings and formats to help you do just that.

Speaking and Presenting 

We present on various wellness topics in a “Lunch ‘n Learn” format. 


Here is a listing of topics:


  • Help! – How Do I Fix My Broken Diet?
  • Successful Wellness Strategies for a Maturing Workforce
  • Nutrition and Desk Jobs
  • Stress – The #1 Killer! Stress Reduction In and Out of the Workplace
  • How to Break Up With Sugar
  • Sane Fitness Approaches for All Ages: Answers Beyond Jogging!
  • Nutrition (Various)
    • 18 Anti-Aging Strategies
    • The Sugar Roller Coast: How to get back on track!
    • Inflammation – The New Enemy
    • Additional topics available upon request and individual need
  • Other Popular Presentation Options:
    • The Truth About Wheat, Gluten, and Grains
    • Fitness Past 50
    • The New Cholesterol Facts
    • Food and Mood: “The Mind-Body Connection”
    • Staying Sharp as We Age
    • The Energy Formula
    • Vitamins and Supplements for Those Over 50

On-Site “Live” or On-line Virtual Training 

Are you worried about putting training in place that has no lasting impact? No one wants to spend money on programs easily forgotten at the conclusion of the training. Our experience at designing and delivering powerful and meaningful programs will put you at ease and leave participants motivated to act on what they have learned.
No vague topics here. We carefully present training with a “What can I do TODAY to apply this training?” methodology. Our programs are usually presented in 6 week modules. However, depending upon your company’s needs, time constraints or other limitations, we are flexible enough to customize solutions. There are two primary options: We can provide a trainer to deliver instruction on-site at your business or deliver the training via desktop or smart device.


We currently provide training on a growing list of topics including:


  • Road Warrior Fitness – “Sell Fit or Lose”
  • Weight Management – “Defining a Sane and Lasting Approach”
  • The Process of Making Change – “How to Create Lasting Healthy Change…When Change is Tough!”
  • The Physical Side of Negotiation Preparation – “How to be ON When You Need to Be”

On-Site Fitness Training Programs

You likely did not take your current position with the hopes of eventually becoming a personal trainer or gym owner, correct? Let us manage your on-site programs!


We offer a variety of services including:


  • Fitness Center Management
  • Group Training Programs
  • Metabolic Resistance Training of “Boot Camp” Style Programming
  • Transformation or Nutrition Accountability Program

Our “Executive Training Program” provides highly-specialized testing, workouts and nutrition for individuals tasked with running your organization.

This exclusive program will promote peak performance by providing a comprehensive solution for the highest level of management.


Components Include:


  • Hormone Questionnaire and Interpretation/Medical Testing
  • Customized One-on-one Strength Training
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Cardio-vascular Training 
  • Individual Supplement Protocols for Optimal Performance

Other Services Available

Let us manage your on-site programs!


We offer a variety of services including:


  • Facility Design Consulting
  • Fitness Equipment Acquisition 
  • Health Fair Organization
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