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At RedKore, we believe in Training Smarter and Getting Results. Our members go through body transformations that create waves of change in their lives and others.
We understand that losing weight and getting fit can be difficult. So many variables go into training – the exercises, the repetitions, the level of effort, etc. At RedKore, our Professional Trainers remove all the guess work by monitoring your Heart Rate to ensure your 60-minute classes gets you results.
In addition to monitoring your performance, our gyms use the same equipment Professional Athletes and Actors use for training and getting into shape. We measure your body type and performance to pinpoint your Anaerobic Threshold. This allows us to optimize your workouts so you spend more time training smarter and more time getting on with life!


RedKore Elite comes with the essentials to get you started with intense workouts designed to burn 500-1000 Calories in one 60-minute Class. These classes will help get your blood pumping and help you get fit!
1 Complimentary VO2 Test a year
Heart Monitor Strap Included
Access to Both Locations
Unlimited Interval Classes
Kore Plan to Meet Your Goals
RedKore Strength comes with everything in the Elite package, plus you get access to our specialized Strength Training Classes designed to build muscle and shred flab! This is designed for those who have reached a plateau in their current workouts. If you’re ready to take it to the next level, RedKore Strength is for you.
Strength Training RPM Classes
Designed for those who are serious about changing their fitness level and their lifestyle, this package includes access to the strength training courses and will come with additional Nutrition Counseling. Our nutrition plans will take the guesswork out of eating and fuel your body properly for our intense workouts.
Nutrition Program
Personalized Meal Plans
This Complete package is designed for those with a desire compete with Professionals and Actors/Actresses. This package comes with multiple body evaluations to keep your fitness level updated. As you exercise, your body will change. By signing up for RedKore Complete, you will gain access to additional help to transform your body and transform your life.
Those ready to commit and become fit are encouraged to sign up for RedKore Complete!
KORE Elite
Unlimited Classes
2 Complimentary VO2 Tests a Year
Access to Both Locations
Access to Strength Training RPM Classes
Nutrition Program
Heart Monitor Strap Included