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Kore Science

What is Kore Science?

Kore Science is all about getting you to Train Smarter and Get Results!


For most of us, the goal of exercise is to shed unwanted body fat and gain (or tone) muscle to look better and feel better. The key is…how hard do we have to workout in order to actually tap into the fat stores and use those stores around our mid-sections and other areas to fuel us during exercise? Utilizing our Korr Metabolic Assessments, we are able to determine the best zones for you to workout in order to utilize the most fat during your training session.


The key is your Anaerobic Threshold. The Anaerobic Threshold is that level or intensity of exercise whereby your body no longer uses fat as a fuel source, (because the exercise is becoming too difficult), and starts to use sugar (glycogen) in order to meet the demands of this session. Once you know at what zones you burn fat and what zones you begin to burn sugar (which your body needs to hold on to), we can then help you put together the best mix of Interval, R.P.M and Kore Cycle classes to develop the physique you’ve been dreaming of.

Redkore Zones

Shouldn’t I stay in the orange or yellow zone to burn the greatest amount of calories to lose weight or body fat? 


Think about this. For how long each day will any person be in the orange or yellow zone? ½ hour? 1 hour?


Now, in what zones will you be in the rest of your day? The bottom two zones right? So, if you constantly train in the upper level zones and neglect your fat burning zones, (Zones 1,2, and 3) how will you ever teach your body to become a better fat burner?Focusing on one zone may make one better in that zone, but the goal should be to be as efficient a fat burner as one can be in each of the 5 training zones. That way whether you are working out, or working behind a desk, your body is utilizing the maximum amount of fat at every second of your day, not just while working out.



You will benefit from our heart rate monitored workout because you will know in real time your:


Beats Per Minute

Calories Burned

Heart rate Percentage

Intensity Zones

Fitness Points Earned


At the end of every class, we email you a personalized report that shows your performance and how well you met your fitness goals over the 60-minute period. This gives us the feedback to adjust your workout to help Train Smarter to Get Results!

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