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Redkore Fitness Classes include high & low interval training, weight training, trx, sports performance and heart rate zone monitoring. Come signup for a FREE workout and tryout one of our classes!
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Class Schedule

We are suspending ALL CLASSES until APRIL 1st. (We will continue to re-evaluate that open date based on current CDC guidelines)

Please check the Redkore Fitness website,, our Facebook pages & our Instagram page, periodically for updates on when we will resume classes.

Suspending classes is NOT something we take lightly, but in light of the current COVID-19 outbreak and the tremendous effects and potential effects it has, we need to take this step and join many other gyms, fitness centers, restaurants, etc, where medium and large groups of people congregate and help curb the spread of this virus.

Until we resume a normal class schedule, I urge you to continue to:

  • Stay active with workouts you can do at home.

  • Calm your mind and keep your lungs strong with breathing exercises.

  • Make sure you get enough quality sleep and recovery.

  • Opt for healthy nutrition and possibly reduce the number of calories.

We are offering online training for anyone who need workouts, nutrition coaching and accountability. You can simply emailing [email protected], and letting him know what equipment you have available to you and what your specific goals are. All training programs begin on a Monday.

This program is affordable, easy to use and requires not gym membership. This way you can still remain active, but from the safety of your own home.

Remember: as long as you remain active, you will not lose much strength or flexibility in this relatively short period of time. It generally takes 6 weeks of inactivity to begin to lose those things.

Take this time to really enjoy your families, help anyone you know who may be in a tougher situation than we are.

Stay Blessed, Stay Safe!


Your Redkore Team


Classes available 7 days a week to make working out an easy choice. We look forward to seeing you in class! 

Class Descriptions

Kore Interval Training

Interval training has been scientifically proven to be more effective than traditional, slow distance training when the goal is to reduce body fat. Each Kore Interval workout includes a variety of high & low intensity movements involving cardio and weight training. As you are working out, your trainer is focusing on keeping you in the zone that will get you the most efficient fat burning or muscle building to make your workouts even more effective.

We utilize PNOE Metabolic Assessments to determine your UNIQUE training zones to help you achieve your goals. Unlike other fitness facilities that use generic heart rate zones which can be inaccurate up to 20 beats, the PNOE system gives you a more accurate reading. Within weeks, you’ll notice a difference in your strength, your energy, and your overall fitness level. Beginners should notify the trainer so that the workout can be modified to the individual’s level of experience. 

Kore RPM

(Resistance Power Movement)

Kore R.P.M. classes are designed to take your workouts to the next level. This class is a more advanced level of resistance training, power and functional movement. Kore R.P.M. will build muscle, increase coordination and stamina, and get you competitive again. Olympic style lifts and movements are also incorporated to increase your body’s lean muscle mass.

Kore Xceler8

Kore Xceler8 is a 1-on-1 or Team based offering designed to increase Core, Stability, Speed, Agility, Quickness, and Balance needed in all Sports to help youth perform at there peak. In this class you will burn fat as your primary energy source while challenging your body’s ability to develop and strengthen your secondary muscles.

Metabolic Testing

It’s not about whether your metabolism is fast or slow as many believe, but more precisely, it’s whether their metabolism is working efficiently or inefficiently. Years of inactivity or poor workouts, coupled with poor diets can cause your metabolism to underperform and thus store fat. So, the key is to understand exactly how your metabolism is performing right now, and let us give you the exact mix of cardio, strength training and high intensity training to turn you into a fat burning machine. You do not need to be a member of Redkore Fitness to get your metabolism assessed and a training program for you to use at home or your gym.


Call to schedule your metabolic test or to get more information.