RedKore Fitness | testimonies
Read the testimonies of Redkore members who have seen real changes to their physical health and appearance!
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Julie has been a member with Redkore Fitness since September 2015. She has seen a significant change in her body composition and overall health.


Best Advice from Julie
“Trust the process… you didn’t gain the weight overnight and you’re not going to get fit over night. It’s a process and if you stick with it, healthy eating and proper exercise you will see change.”


Find Your Motivation
“My motivation was turning 50. I was not going to hit this milestone birthday feeling and looking out of shape!”
“Now at 50 I couldn’t be happier about how I look and feel.”


Best Thing About Redkore
“I’ve gotten many compliments on how I look and how I’ve transformed my body, but the best thing about the whole process is that I am stronger and more fit than I’ve been in a very long time… and this is after having previous ACL tears in both knees!”
We are so proud of Julie and honored to be a part of her fitness journey into a healthy and fit lifestyle. Keep up the great work Julie!
Andrea started with Redkore a little over 4 months ago. At her initial fitness assessment she weighed 186 lbs. and had a Body Fat % of 38.2.
By combining our Kore Science, Kore Nutritional Program, and her 5 workouts per week, she is now down to 151 lbs. with a Body Fat % of 25. She has lost a total of 35 lbs. and 13.2 % Body Fat in just a few short months!
“Way beyond my expectations! Excellent team of instructors, motivation, variety in the workouts, an easy nutritional plan to follow and you get results really fast! I started 4 months ago, 35 pounds gone, feeling great! Redkore is working for me! I highly recommend! Thank you guys!!” -Andrea Soter
We are so proud of you Andrea and we are honored to be a part of your fitness journey. Keep up the great work!
Harlan & Lizbeth
Harlan and Lizbeth have been an integral part of our Redkore family since they joined a year ago! Harlan has lost 80 pounds and 20% body fat and Lizbeth has likewise lost 60 pounds! We are so proud of both of them and are extremely happy and proud to share their success! It’s an honor to be a part of your lives! We love you!
Jessica has been an active member of the Redkore family for about a year. She started school at Kennesaw State University this fall and has embraced her new active lifestyle despite being in a new environment. Jessica has lost 10% body fat (comes out to 14 pounds!) and has gained six pounds of lean muscle as well! Jessica you are absolutely beautiful and glowing and thank you so much for letting us share in your success! Go have some celebratory trail mix! smile emoticon Go Owls!
This is Kristen, she has been a part of the Redkore Fitness Family since the very first day that the doors were opened at our Alpharetta location on August 4, 2013.
This is her fitness journey with Redkore.


” A little before I joined RedKore, I had just started to really look at what I was eating every day. At my heaviest I weighed 160 lbs, and I knew it was due to my eating. Once I saw RedKore starting to be constructed, something clicked for me. It was right between my house and work, so I knew I would have no excuse not to go and continue my weight loss journey through fitness. I still remember being so scared walking into RedKore for the first time. I was out of shape, had an injury, and knew I wasn’t the typical gym rat. But even through the construction, Nadeem stopped everything he was doing and walked me right into the office. The reassurance of building a clientele with no judgement, and one-on-one training mentality made me join. When I get frustrated at the gym, don’t see any progress, or want to give up, for some reason I always think about that first meeting with them. They believed in me, and I genuinely felt that from the first minute I walked into the gym.”


What keeps me motivated:


“Currently, what keeps me motivated is a combination of things. I’m SLOWLY seeing progress, and I know that consistency is key. Mike and I are getting married in May, so that is another huge motivator. I want to be the best looking me for us on that day! Lastly, our friendship with Noel has grown so much through being a member, that I don’t want to disappoint him by not coming. He has stayed by me, provided recommendations, and never discourages me even when life gets in the way of my workouts and consistency.”


For the past 2 years Kristen has averaged 3 workouts per week. She has lost 26 lbs of body fat by adding Redkore Fitness into her weekly routine and utilizing the Redkore Science and products that are proven to produce maximum weight loss.


The Redkore Fitness Family is so proud of the progress that she has made towards her goals, and we expect much more to come in the months leading up to the wedding.
This is Matt, he’s been a member of Redkore Fitness for about a year. During this time he has lost about 60 pounds and reduced his body fat percentage all the way to 13%!!! He has become an avid runner and we want to congratulate him on his most recent race in Las Vegas last weekend! He finished a half marathon in 1:42:23, averaging a 7:43 mile a minute time! The Redkore family is so proud of you and thank you Matt for making us part of your health and wellness lifestyle!
Sanj & Sophie
Congratulations to our 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge winners, Sanj and Sophie! Through increased focus, regular exercise, and Kore Smart meal plans the two of them were able to overcome their plateaus and see some great results! Sanj lost 20 pounds and 5% body fat, while Sophie lost a whopping 10% body fat and 6 pounds! We are immensely proud of the steps you guys have made and extremely grateful that you have made REDKORE Fitness a part of your health and fitness journey! Keep up the great work!